About Me

So, you want to know more about me? Why else would you have clicked this link? Well … if I told you I would, of course, have to kill you. Mwahahaha (evil laugh). Just kidding, here’s a little bit about me …

dave linked in 1

I am an organized and digital literate Business Management and Marketing graduate from Cardiff University, obtaining Second Class Honours Division One Bachelor of Science degree. Able to combine motivation with a drive to succeed, and thirst for knowledge; I am an avid blogger with a passion for brands and social media, looking to further my marketing knowledge.

I do not shy away from a challenge and am not afraid to fight for a position, I make it my prime objective to prove to an employee that I am not a waste of time, or money.

Whist at university, I was the winner of a company sponsored student initiative, resulting in an  apprenticeship scheme with an online fashion retailer. The initiative involved 7 other students and 4 universities across Britain. I managed my own blog through the company’s website which consisted of competitions and general student tips.  I gained a vast amount of knowledge on SEO and social media platforms, whilst boosting customer awareness for the company. I also had to organise my blog whilst keeping up with my busiest time at university.

So please, if you think that I am the right man for the job:

Email: djgrenfell@hotmail.co.uk

Follow: twitter.com/DavidGrenfell

Linked In: uk.linkedin.com/in/davidgrenfell

About.me: about.me/davidgrenfell

Pinterest: pinterest.com/davidgrenfell

Instagram: instagram.com/davidgrenfell


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