My GoPro Picture Went Viral

I thought to myself the other day “hmm I haven’t been on instagram for a while”, and I had a million pictures from my trip to New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji. So I started adding my epic photos I took with the amazing GoPro Hero 3 that we had bought whilst in New Zealand.

Although it is seen as a bad thing by many, I feel that the best thing about the GoPro is that It doesn’t come with a screen, so you don’t know what the pictures look like until you get to a computer and then flick through them like the end of ‘The Hangover’ movie. Anyway, I came across this little beauty of a shot, which I took when snorkeling at Manta Ray Bay, in the Yasawa Islands of Fiji.

Snorkeling Fiji GoPro Hero3
Snorkeling Fiji GoPro Hero3

So I uploaded it, and for the next 2 hours my iPad went nuts. I received 240 Likes In 2 Hours, that’s 2 likes a minute, and this tweet from GoPro themselves!

My picture had gone viral.

“To become extremely popular in a very short time; said of a website, blog entry, posted video, etc. on the internet”.

I must admit, it was an incredible feeling that so many people liked something I had created and it made me feel very proud indeed. Now i’m on the search for that feeling once more.

If you would like to view anymore of my Instagram pictures please click on the link below:


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