No Calm Before The Storm

There was certainly no calm before the storm like they say in movies or a good novel, but more of a shooting pain up and down my left arm as I fumbled with the iPad keyboard attempting to navigate my way through the impenetrable fortress that is Cardiff university SIMS, the place where hopes and dreams can be either confirmed, or lost for ever! My heart was in my throat, I tried to swallow but to no prevail, I reached the final level only to find what I had already read within the email which brought me to this mild heart attack, I panicked, why did they have their’s and not I? Did this mean my worse fear had come true? Was I to be banished to a life of rugby clubs and call centres, or even the dreaded Golden Arches? … NO this cannot be … I will not accept this fate … I went back to the iPad remembering that not all websites were built with the notion that touch screen would soon take over the world, I scrolled down, and scrolled further … I had missed a part lurking at the bottom … Silence, the world stood still for a moment, my pupils focused on the final scriptic text … YEEEEEEEEEES GET IN!!! … I immediately turned into an Italian football commentator, arms waving, shouting what appeared to be another language, running up and down and round and round !!!

It was official, there in black and white read the words “Second Class Honours Division One”, three years of hardcore learning finally paid off.


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