Mumford And Sons Weekend


On the way to Victoria now on a 7:50 greyhound ready to check in at the travel lodge and then onto the infamous ‘Olympic Village’ to feel the energy of an amazing band blast through the area which made us so proud to be British last year. The headliners (Mumford) closed Glasto last week so hopefully they have enough energy left to make yet another incredible ‘Gentlemen Of The Road’ performance. Backed by the likes of Ben Howard and Vampire Weekend today has the potential for greatness.

After a brilliant weekend in London, the bus home is silent, everyone exhausted from the all the excitement the capital has to offer. As my girlfriend dribbles on my arm, pausing only to snore, I think back on the amazing finale of Mumford and every other band of the day grouping together to produce a performance that will make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up for weeks. Finished off with a trip to see a T-Rex in the natural history museum today, and huddling outside a pub at Victoria to watch Andy Murray become victorious, this will truly be a birthday to remember 🙂

So here’s some pictures from an amazing weekend, Enjoy!










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