Back in the swing of things


It’s been 7 months since my last post and I am terribly sorry to my followers (if there are any). The reason for this is that I have been taking part in a student enterprise with the up and coming loungewear company Bedroom Athletics, a fairly new company taking advantage of a niche in the market and providing extremely stylish but overwhelmingly comfortable loungewear (which is always rare as usually one must be sacrificed for the other).

The student initiative consisted of four uni’s and 8 students all competing through blogging for a cash prize for 2nd place, and a 12 month job contract for 1st … and guess what? … I won! So September 2nd see’s a new chapter in the life of David Grenfell and I am very excited to start my first job as a post-grad.

It was a hardcore blogging session over a few months which can only be likened to the battle for the iron throne, however there were 8 students rather than 7 kingdoms, and I apparently had the Dragons (that’s right, I am the khaleesi).

During this battle we attempted to spread the word about the company, whilst providing tips for students and producing competitions for amazing prizes to entice students into the stylish new brand.

From the initiative I learned three things:

1. Students will freeze in the winter from refusal to waste money on heating.
2. Bedroom Athletics slippers are like wearing angels on your feet.
3. The interviewee chair at the Bedroom Athletics HQ is the slipperiest in the world!

So anyway, this post is basically just to boast as to how successful I am 😉 (just kidding) but also to let you all know that I AM BACK!!! … Terminator style baby, back in the swing of things and back for good.

I will be posting as usual at least once a week, keeping you all up to date with my busy life in the next few months including the following highlights:

– My Graduation
– My trip to Nz, Fiji, and Oz
– And the start of my new job at Bedroom Athletics.

So stay tuned and be ready for some hilariously witty posts and hopefully helpful tips guys.


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