Cineworld Fail

Went to see the new bond film showing at 3:00 pm. Got there to find a massive queue which was expected for such a huge film. Got into the cinema found perfect seats near the centre and a hand rail in front, which is good for long films acting as a foot rest. Watched about 10 bond adverts in a row in the build up to the film. Suddenly the screen went off!

“can I have your attention ladies and gentlemen”

The projector was broken, they moved us up stairs to the next screen where people queued up the escalator, but as the escalator continued to push people up to the next screen, like a herd of cattle, space ran out upstairs causing about 100 people to get pushed, shoved, and squashed…Suddenly BOOM! “NOOOO!” the popcorn I queued for 30 minutes for got pushed out of my hands and on to the floor. It really wasn’t as bad as it sounds but in my mind it was bloody horrific.

We then got herded into the new screen, where we watched all 10 tedious bond adverts all over again.

It was a very long and stressful experience which almost put my perception of the new bond film into the rubbish bin. The funny part is that before the announcement “can I have your attention ladies and gentlemen” I heard “oh no, its happened again”.

Cineworld! you do not continue to play any movie on a projector which is known to be broken. And you certainly don’t use that projector for the day the new James Bond comes out!

So that’s a HUGE fail on Cineworld’s part.

There rant over, it will be back to my usual light hearted posts in future 🙂


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