Student Tips : Free Trials

This post is all about sticking it to the man and basically screwing (excuse me French) companies out of their free trials. Free trials make suckers out of so many people each year conning them into parting with their money for something they don’t really need, planting a false want into consumers heads and collecting the profits.

Below is a list of companies where you can sign up for a free trial for a month or longer. Do this with your housemates, girlfriend/boyfriend, family, friends or even neighbors; taking turns to sign up and cancel to prolong the free trial period.

Taste Card

This is a cheeky little card that allows 2-4 people to get 50% off or 2-4-1 on food and hundreds of restaurants. This is perfect for you and your girlfriend/boyfriend to gain two months free, saving a loadsa dosh each ‘Date Night’. Go check it out…

Xbox Live

Me and my housemates love gaming from Fifa to CoD we play them all. So if you own an Xbox you will know that Xbox Live is a way to connect to friends and other gamers from around the world. It is also a way to stream 4od, bbciplayer, 5 on demand, and also Netflix (see next on list) straight to your TV. Go start a brand new account and get the first month free.


Netflix lets you stream films and programs to your PC or console (works brilliantly with Xbox Live.

Love Film

Love Film is very similar to Netflix. You can stream with Love Film but also get DVD’s and Games delivered to your door. Get 30 days free trial from the link below.

Uni Days

This is a site to enable students to gain discounts whilst shopping online.

The following link will help to earn some perks <

 > just sign up and get discounts on high street brands. Or as Uni Days puts it…


Student Beans

This is a brilliant site for students filled with offers, deals, freebies, pictures, video clips and loads more. Check it out…

I will continue to update this post when I come across any new deals to improve the student lifestyle…


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