Student Tips : Beer Pong (a how to guide)

How it should look.

Beer pong is essential to student survival. It is a brilliant drinking game, anyone can play and it brings forth a mixture of competition, valor and heroic’s.

You will need :

A table. Any table about waist height 2.5m X 1m.
20 plastic cups. Preferably the red ones in American house parties.
Ping pong balls. Millions of the sneaky little ninjas, you are guaranteed to lose three per game due to the extremities of each trick shot.

The Rules

The short version of the rules is to take it in turns to ‘sink’ one of your oppositions cups. Ball goes in, opposition drink that cup and remove it from the table. However, there is a an actual Beer Pong League called The NBPL, so if you want to take the game to the next level check out the the link below for the “World Series of Beer Pong Full Rules and Regulations” from “”

Get playing this game next time you have a ‘Session’ and every student will Love it!


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