Student Tips : Landlords – Marked Walls

Landlords are out to con every single student out of every last penny they own. As if we haven’t got enough to worry about with up coming coursework deadlines and exams to revise for! This is the first post of ‘Student Tips : Landlords” and I will be addressing the case of marked walls.

In my previous accommodation my housemate had copious amounts of mold on his walls through no fault of his own. He informed the agency, we rented the house through, who provided him with nothing but “Just wipe it off with a damp cloth” so he did. The mold returned again and again and my house mate wiped it away repeatedly.

We have since left the house and have been left with a hefty chunk taken out of our bond for £150 to repaint my housemates room. This is Wrong ! for two reasons:

Firstly, it does NOT cost £150 to repaint a 3×4 m room! If B&Q are still doing the deal £20 for 2 on 2.5l emulsion paint that means it costs £10 to cover 32 square meters (which will cover my housemates room 2.6 times). Thus, when we divide the cost of the paint by 2.6, as we only need to paint the room once, this leaves us with the total cost to paint the room at £3.85, that means that labor costs works out to be £146.15 … I would do it for a fiver!

Secondly, it is the landlords responsibility to deal with the mold problem, from cleaning it to preventing it. They certainly cannot charge you to repaint the room due to a mold problem.

However, mold is not always the case. We are students…students get drunk…drunk people throw up…sometimes on their bedroom wall. In this case make sure that you paint over any marks you leave behind before you move out, otherwise they will charge you a large amount (as seen above).

If it is a small mark e.g. blu tac, just use tipex ;).

Hope this helps!


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