Back To School !!!

Just Jump Straight In!

It used to feel as if you were about to jump into the abyss…those three words that makes every child and teen shiver. To add insult to injury, marketeers decide to advertise these three words as soon as the summer holiday commences!

I remember being dragged around Asda to find stationary, new trousers, new polo shirts etc. this was actually added a positive side to going back to school … a new pencil case or bag that did a plethora of wondrous tricks, with their innovative gadgets e.g. a rubber/ruler which appears as if from no where.

Well now I am in my third year of university and my classmate on the first day back this semester, who is also 21 years old, unveiled his new Avengers pencil case which also had the advantage of innovative gadgets … I guess some of us never grow up.

The Pencil Case

The Pencil Case Guru

I hated! the words ‘Back To School’ becoming filled with anxiety at just the thought of the ‘freedom of summer’ coming to an end.

But now … I feel myself becoming eager and ready to get straight back into the swing of things.

So what makes us this way? What change do we go through? It can’t be that we are growing up can it? … definitely not as my classmate proved on the first day back this semester. There is only one difference I can think of that has the power to change the perspective of a college student and a university student. I like to call this change “Paying for an Education”.

We are being prepared for the big wide world, this is the last stepping stone before we have to become Men or Women with a real job! This time next year I will need to be looking for a job in Marketing, or possibly already have a job … and that fact is a scary one.

It seams like only yesterday that my mother was taking me to get supplies ready to start back at school.

I suppose the point i am trying to make is that, basically we all grow up…and my time is now. See you soon employers!

Please comment and share your nostalgic experiences from school !



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