Channel 4 Paralympics Ad

A paragon of marketing genius.

The motivation, inspiration, amazement, and feeling interpreted through this single advert accelerating through social media forms, and other viral marketing, is an example of excellence to the marketing world and how we as a nation should be proud of these athletes and their journey to greatness.

This series of short clips starts as another boring, old Olympics advert polluting our televisions, twitter accounts, YouTube channels etc. with examples of extremely pushy parents e.g. The one with the mother running during the war. However, as the ad continues it is made clear that these olympians are in fact…


Something within them makes them special, something within them produces that desire, that push, that drive to get up and achieve greatness.

The public enemy track at its backing makes hairs stand on end right up to the point it is interrupted with a reminder for how they got there, a bomb , a car crash, sends its audience back to the harsh realities from the start of their journeys.

After showing the immense training and games they participate in, along with the peak of the backing track at the end, this new ad is definitely

“hard hitting”

and is a vision of brilliance sweeping the viral scene and marketing world.

My hats off to you channel 4. Giant ‘Facebook thumb’ to that one.


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