Obama The Super Brand!!!

It is becoming more and more apparent that after the decline of president Bush and the numerous accounts of brand suicide, through his infamous bad decisions making, Obama is quickly picking up the pieces and pushing ‘Anti-Americanism’ to the back of the class ready to ‘school’ the rest of the world on how to market a government party into the spotlight.

The PR generated for the Obama family is astounding, the Che Guevara posters molded to suit the Obama image, the “Yes we can” speech from migrant farm workers Si Se Puede molded into a music hit. Although with help for Will.I.Am and others, the music interpretation trended throughout the world within minutes.

But will Obama live up to the expectations? Does Obama favour a huge symbolic guestures over deep structural change?…

This is all to clear in recent PR campaigns from the Obama Party, through the closing of the notorious prison at Guantanamo Bay but providing expansion plans for the lower profile but frighteningly lawless Bagram Prison in Afghanistan.

Obama then needs to appear to be, as coca cola’s retro slogan put it, ‘The Real Thing’ and not just another attempt from a profit driven mega brand to taint the thoughts of helpless consumers, who are being ambushed with ‘false want’ and materialism from every angle possible.

This is the case for many mega brands of today, there is a growing need for the awareness of the sophistication of consumers and rise of consumerism. More and more people are becoming sceptical towards adverts, as Qualman put it “14% of consumers trust adverts…78% trust peer recommendation” ,Socionomics (another good read).

Examples of corporations ‘catching on’ to this new trend can be seen through Absolut Vodka. ‘Absolut No Label’ for the first time faced the world completely naked, encouraging people to think about their prejudice “because in an Absolut world, there are No Labels”.

I think its time for the rest of the world, filled with suffocating brands, to stand up and take notice following this paragon of marketing and ethical excellence.


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